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US City and State Nicknames & Slogans: from Bizarre to Formal

March 18th, 2010

Whether inspired by famous movies or celebrity quotations, city nicknames and slogans are a fantastic and informative way to introduce your city to a complete stranger. We all know that what happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas, but what about other locations across the States? has compiled a list of city nicknames and slogans to try shed some light over the historic, social, cultural and – sometimes criminal – situation of each and every state, as well as most of the cities.

There are the flavoursome (Hershey, aka Chocolate Capital of the World; Kansas City, aka BBQ Capital of the World), the beautiful (Los Angeles, aka City of Flowers and Sunshine), the scary (Kansas City, aka Killa City; Roswell, aka Alien Capital of the World; Salem, aka The Witch City), the foreign (Ouray, aka Switzerland of America), the odd (Strong, aka Toothpick Capital of the World) the down-to-earth (Plano, aka Play No Games) and the humorous (Telluride, aka To-hell-you-ride).

The list of official and un-official state nicknames and taglines shows how over time certain things started to be associated with particular states, became inseparable and widely used, and in many cases treated as the ‘state surname’.

If you happen to know of a state motto or a city moniker that we haven’t included in the resource, please get in touch. Your contribution will be greatly appreciated. Read the rest of this entry »