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United States Commercial Property Prices Per Square Foot

February 28th, 2023

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The United States is home to one of the world’s largest commercial real estate markets, with an estimated revenue worth of approximately $1.2tr. In terms of size, industrial space is the largest sub-market with 21.7bn square feet, followed by retail with 14bn, and offices, which account for 11.8bn.

In Q1 2023, the average price per square foot for US offices was just over $38. Retail averaged out to $18.09 / square foot, and industrial space came in at just under $8 / square foot. However, there are significant variations in average prices based on location and real estate class. Here is a summary of average commercial rates in key USA cities:

  •   New York: Average gross rates for metro New York offices are $77 / sq ft / year. Industrial space averages $19 / sq ft / year.
  •   Los Angeles: $44 / sq ft / year for offices in the metropolitan area and $11 / sq ft / year for industrial premises.
  •   Miami: In the same range as Los Angeles, at $46 / sq ft / year for offices and slightly lower for industrial space ($8 / sq ft / year).
  •   Boston: $38/ sq ft / year for metro offices, rising to $80 in Cambridge. Industrial properties average $10 / sq ft / year.
  •   Philadelphia: $32 / sq ft / year for city center offices, $27 for suburban space, and $6 / sq ft / year for industrial properties.
  •   Atlanta: Slightly under $30 / sq ft / year for offices with a rate of $35 in Downtown Atlanta. Industrial space is charged at an average of $5 / sq ft / year.
  •   Chicago: Approximately $33 / sq ft / year for office space, rising to averages above $40 in The Loop. Industrial premises average $6 / sq ft / year.
  •   Dallas and other urban centers in Texas: between $25 and $30 / sq ft / year, whereas industrial rates are below $5.

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