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Idaho for Business: Why Companies Rent Offices in Idaho

Situated in the north-western United States, Idaho is home to more than 1.6 million people (2018 data). Every type of gemstone can be found in the largely mountainous state, giving Idaho its nickname the 'Gem State'. Idaho's economy is a mix of traditional and emerging industries. One of the most important sectors is agriculture, and a third of all potatoes in the country are grown in Idaho. At the same time, high-technology is a significant driver in Idaho's economy and the science and technology sector is its largest industry. With Boise as a major hub, the sector contributes to more than a quarter of the state's revenue and more than 70 per cent of exports. Other major industries include advanced manufacturing (particularly electronics and machinery), aerospace, computer technology and innovation, food production, recreation technology, shared services, and travel and tourism. Mining, renewable energy, and lumber and wood products including paper are also important industries. Idaho offers businesses low and stable taxes, incentives and financing for businesses, and state assistance for finding properties to start or relocate a business.