Cities and States of America

Following months of research, we'd like to welcome you to the web's most comprehensive collection of US State and City name misspellings, nicknames and slogans.

With over 1000 misspelled city names, commonly misspelled State names, as well as the full collection of State and city nicknames and slogans, we believe our compilation is the largest of its kind online.

Thanks are due to Wikipedia for the official slogan lists and some of the nicknames. However, most of the credit goes to all those Americans so proud (or not) of their city and State that they've published its common misspellings, nicknames and alternative slogans online or discussed them in forums across the net. In some cases, cities vie with each other for the same nickname or slogan. Where this has happened we've taken a "Google poll" and granted the nickname / slogan to the city with the most "Google votes" (search results).

While we believe this to be the most complete list currently available online, particularly of misspelled State and city names, we're fully aware that we might be missing something. If you would like to let us know about an error or omission please send an email to

Those wishing to reproduce this compilation are welcome to do so with the provision that a source link is included, linking to