1740 Broadway, 15th Fl, Manhattan

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Scoping out a new home for your growing company? Need a coworking space with impressive location, functionality, and inspiration? Look no further than the coworking space currently available for rent at 1740 Broadway, a historic 26-story edifice most New York City residents will recognize as the former MONY building with the 150-foot Weather Star glowing on top. Nestled in Midtown West, this coworking office space will put you at the heart of Manhattan, giving you an advantage in efficiency as well as providing the tools of inspiration you need for that next leap forward.

Much like its surroundings, 1740 Broadway is a historic locale. Built in 1950 as the headquarters of the Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York, this building has been a long-standing highlight of the New York City skyline and even cameoed in the hit John Travolta film Urban Cowboy. However, don't think that being historic makes it out of date! In 2007, the building was dramatically renovated, updating it to include state of the art coworking space that caters for every need of the modern entrepreneur.

The 26-story structure boasts a system of fourteen elevators to improve commute efficiency and high-speed wi-fi networks providing ample data streams for your research and communication needs. But we all know that simple efficiency is not enough for a thriving business. You need space to think, to breathe, to dream. In that case, just take some time to look out of your coworking space's windows at the bustling city. Or better yet, walk outside to the open terrace and take in the sights below!

Want a longer coffee break or a quick lunch? Head over to nearby Columbus Circle and pick one of the many restaurants and shops. Need a workout to prep for the think tank or to stretch out after a solid day of hard work? Ride a bike around Central Park.

Maybe you need to take some time to unwind and treat yourself, or perhaps your coworking colleagues could use a little cultural R&R after a productive quarter. Well, you are on Broadway after all! Hit the Theatre District for a drama or Carnegie Hall for a concert. During the holidays, opportunities continue to abound. Have a New Year's Eve party at the office, then head down to Times Square to finish off the night. Believe it or not, all of these fonts of inspiration are a mile or less from 1740 Broadway. We told you this coworking space was at the heart of the city!

About the office location

This coworking location provides the means for lower commutes, which means happier office members! Not only is it centrally located on Broadway, the pulse of the Big Apple, but it is surrounded by multiple parking garages and two nearby subway terminals, one at 56th and 57th on Seventh Avenue and the other at 50th and Seventh Avenue.

As if that wasn't enough to entice you to rent this NYC coworking space, nearby Columbus Circle provides a connection point to multiple thoroughfares, including West 59th Street, Central Park West, and, of course, Broadway. If you're coming in to the office from out of town or need to get around the island more efficiently, NY-9A is just a mile away to the west, and NY-495 is just another half mile to the south. Wherever you need to go, this location provides the access points to get there.

Location is everything, and in this case, the location you want is 1740 Broadway.

This office space on 1740 Broadway, 15th Fl, NYC is available immediately. Details and prices are available by calling 1-877-693-6433 or by submitting the inquiry form.

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Office location

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