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Offices.net offers fully furnished executive suites, professionally equipped office space and cost effective corporate real estate in Virginia. The office space for rent includes a wide range of essential services, making setting up a business in Virginia faster and easier than ever.

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Virginia for Business: Why Companies Rent Offices in Virginia

The Commonwealth of Virginia is the twelfth most populous and thirty-fifth largest U.S. state. Founded as the Virginia Colony in 1607, the state's nickname 'Old Dominion' derives from Virginia's status as a dominion of the English Crown. With eight U.S. Presidents having been born in the state, it is also known as the 'Mother of Presidents'. Virginia's economy is diverse and key industries include food processing, aerospace, plastics and advanced materials, data centres, information technology, life sciences, automotive, energy, and distribution. The state has a strong defence sector and has one of the highest concentrations of tech workers in the country. Virginia is also a major base for corporate headquarters. The state's low operating costs and stable corporate taxes, pro-business environment, skilled and educated workforce, and access to global markets with the Port of Virginia and Washington Dulles International Airport make Virginia a great choice for doing business.