58 East 11th Street, 8th Floor

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Since opening in 2011, this center has been championing entrepreneurs and innovation. The community comes first. This center is a group of driven and passionate organizations and individuals based in NYC. With are startups, entrepreneurs, artists, small businesses, freelancers, change-makers, and dreamers. As a community, this space believes in sharing knowledge and resources and enriching both the internal culture and the culture of New York City and the wider world. Nestled in the heart of the city, just a stone's throw from the bustling Union Square, we feel the city's pulse. It reverberates throughout the space and fuels our drive for success and change. "

About the office location

This center is located steps away from Penn Station, Grand Central Terminal and Union Station. It is easily in the heart of an abundance of shopping, retail and restaurants.

This office space on 58 East 11th Street, 8th Floor, Manhattan is available immediately. Details and prices are available by calling 1-877-693-6433 or by submitting the inquiry form.

Map of the office space location

Office location

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