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Texas Office Rental & Leasing offers fully furnished executive suites, professionally equipped office space and cost effective corporate real estate in Texas. The office space for rent includes a wide range of essential services, making setting up a business in Texas faster and easier than ever.

Opening a Business in Texas

With a population of more than 26.9 million people, Texas is the second most populous U.S. state. The expansive state has a diverse landscape, from deserts and prairies to grasslands and forests to swamps and sandy coastlines. Texas' nickname, the 'Lone Star State', harkens back to its struggles for independence from Mexico and its short-lived status as an independent republic in the 1830s. Long associated with cattle and cowboys, the state's economy transformed in the early twentieth century when oil was discovered. Besides energy and petrochemical industries, the state also has a strong high technology sector and is home to more than 50 Fortune 500 companies. Other leading industries include agriculture, aerospace, biomedical sciences, computers and electronics. Named the best state for future job growth and economic climate by Forbes Magazine in 2014, Texas has some of the lowest taxes in the country. It also offers businesses an excellent quality of life and skilled labour in communities across the state. This, combined with its large and diverse population and excellent natural resources, makes Texas an attractive place for any business to set up new offices.