Business Seminars in California

Business Seminars in LA, San Francisco, San Diego and Irvine

It is not difficult to locate a variety of business training seminars in California. Los Angeles, San Francisco, Fresno and Irvine are favorite hubs for such seminars and businesses from all over the country come to take advantage of the lovely weather, wonderful facilities and excellent motivational speakers to improve their management personnel’s working skills.

Courses in Public Speaking are readily available to management and other personnel. These seminars include improving personal confidence in presenting material effectively to a large audience. Clear, concise communication skills are encouraged through -question/answer- teaching methods. One and two day courses are available that encourage actual speaking situations rather than lectures. Learning and practicing public speaking skills soon become second nature to the individual’s style of speaking.

Public Speaking training can be tailored to fit any organization’s needs and includes:
• Classes taught at the business location
• Learning through actual public speaking
• The most effective public speaking course materials available today
• Those who fear public speaking can learn skills to overcome this obstacle
• Training the trainer courses are also available
• Persuasive speaking methods are taught

Management personnel can receive help in preparing, designing and delivering a presentation that they are scheduled to present within a month or more. Persuasive speaking skills are part of the training provided in these seminars. Instructors can quickly compile course materials specifically for any business situation and delivered on-site when and where the company chooses. Participation by attendees is the method that helps them learn and practice both fundamental and advanced public speaking skills. Videotaped presentations receive feedback personalized to each individual from senior coaching instructors. Immediate progress is guaranteed. The training exercises are exciting and fun, helping to eliminate fears anyone may have. Distracting speech and body mannerisms can be corrected and overcome during the counselling process.

Seminars are also available in Writing Effective Policies and Procedures. Those attending these seminars learn:
• How to avoid words and phrases that raise anger issues
• Writing that encourages employees to read, understand and follow suggestions made
• Clear, concise writing skills will become second-nature
• Avoiding wording or phrases that cause legal traps but are sometimes overlooked

These courses are perfect for managers and upper management struggling with knowing what to say and how to say it in their written materials. They will learn skills to keep employees from misinterpreting the points made and make the written information interesting enough that their communications get read. Developing a company’s organizational policy and procedures requires certain knowledge of proper writing. In one day attendees can learn strategies, guidelines, rules and short-cuts to make their jobs easier. Their well-written materials will become read and understood correctly by all employees.

Course training covers:
• Writing needed to make policies and procedures work
• Writing with clarity and ease while leaving no room for misinterpretation
• Confidence in writing ‘disclaimers’ to keep legal liability to a minimum
• Training in wording that eliminates discriminatory phrasing when employees must sign the form
• Writing methods to improve readability through using graphics and design tools
• Implementing changes and diplomatically handling resistance by team members
• Understanding the revision and updating process with a minimum of disruption

With advantages such as its large size, Los Angeles is a perfect choice for holding company training seminars. A number of various attractions make LA a popular travel destination providing ready entertainment between seminar sessions.

San Francisco‘s famous architecture includes rows of Victorian houses and large bay windows. The relatively small area covered by the city means that everything is within easy travel distance. The city’s various neighborhoods hold a variety of ethnic groups forming an amalgam of the world as a whole. This travel destination also provides a perfect place for training seminars to be conducted.

All of San Diego County makes a fantastic vacation spot. The pristine beaches contrast with the rugged back country. There is something to interest every visitor after the seminars end. The San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce provides a brief list of interesting attractions.

Irvine is a smaller California city. It incorporated as recently as 1971. Irvine is located southeast of Los Angeles only a few miles from the ocean. The city provides home offices to several ‘Fortune 500’ companies making it the perfect location for a variety of training seminars.