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Ten Historic Buildings worth Seeing in Charlotte, NC

September 19th, 2012

In Charlotte, North Carolina, it is not difficult for visitors to find wonderful historic buildings to visit:

1. The Charlotte Museum of History and Hezekiah Alexander Home Site are composed of several buildings on an eight-acre wooded area. The Hezekiah Alexander House was built about 1774 on site and is the oldest house in Mecklenburg County. Several other buildings that are part of the Museum consist of historically accurate replicas since the original structures were destroyed or decayed over time.

2. The Charlotte Cotton Mill, constructed on a complete city block, was once a workhouse where entire families spent their days sweating under gruelling working conditions for about $5 a week. Today the structure has become a tourist site viewed by visitors for the building’s historic meaning to the local area.

3. St. Peter’s Hospital opened in 1878. Its wide porches and large front yard provided pleasant vistas for the patients. The hospital operated until 1940 when the structure was reopened as a hotel. The building was converted into condos in 1982. This change led to the restoration of the building’s historic beauty and a renewed life filled with the enjoyment residents find living in the former hospital. Read the rest of this entry »