Colleges that Provide Students with the Highest Salaries

Funny parody of student made up of books with glasses holding cash and a diploma

When it comes to earnings potential not all colleges are what they seem.

Most people would think that graduates from Harvard, Stanford or Brown Universities would get the highest paying jobs upon graduation. Interestingly these Universities all actually sit in 8th place on the Pay-Scale Ranking with salaries upon graduation at $61,300; $55,300 and $52,300 respectively. The mid-career median pay for all is $119,000.

The PayScale Ranking for 2013-14 reviewed more than 1,000 schools and 130 majors. According to their research the highest paying Universities were:

1. Harvey Mudd University—Claremont, CA

Harvey Mudd established the university to expand the traditionalyl narrow aspects provided in traditional technical training schools. His successors continued his vision through the college. They understood the world of science and the needs of the people behind it. The university atmosphere creates forward-thinking graduates.
Mudd is one of the best universities for science, mathematics and engineering. This is unique for a liberal arts college. Due to the solid core curriculum including the humanities and social sciences, their graduates clearly understand their work’s impact on society. Mudd provides hands-on experience through extensive research projects and their world-renowned Clinic Program.

The starting salaries for graduates average $73,300 and rise to $143,000 at mid-career.

2. United States Naval Academy—Annapolis, MD

Students at this university receive a four year education and graduate with a Bachelor of Science Degree. They are then commissioned as Ensigns in the Navy or Second Lieutenants in the Marine Corps. Students receive up-to-date professional and academic training needed for them to be effective naval officers. Graduates commit to serve at least five years in the armed forces.

The median starting salary is $77,100 with mid-career salaries averaging $131,000.

3. California Institute of Technology—Pasadena, CA

Caltech is world-renowned for engineering research and science. Their extraordinary faculty and students lead in innovation technologies, discover new knowledge and find answers to complex questions that transform the future. Outstanding students in these fields become singular, creative members of society.
Salaries for graduates begin at $68,400 and rise to $124,000 by mid-career.

4. Stevens Institute of Technology—Hoboken, NJ

The Institute offers mentorship, collaboration and a commitment to discovery that drive its academic culture. It was built on innovation technology from its beginning in 1870. Student-centric, interdisciplinary collaboration with the faculty provides the key to the entrepreneurial environment at Stevens. These principles engage students in a high level intellectual and practical application of the things they learn, preparing them for productive futures.
More than 30 undergraduate majors are offered in areas such as Business, Arts, Humanities, Engineering, the Sciences and Computer Science. Most of these programs end with a capstone project sponsored by industrial partners collaborating with students from various disciplines and a faculty mentor. Graduates learn to creatively solve complex, cross-functional problems in today’s technical environment.

Median salaries to start average $64,900 with the career median of $124,000.

5. Babson University—Babson Park, MA

Babson is an independent, not-for-profit institution. Students attend from more than 70 countries. Babson is distinguished by an Undergraduate School that blends integrated, innovative and applied business and liberal arts programs. Highly ranked MBA and MS Degrees are obtained through the associated F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business. Working professionals can take advantage of an Executive Education Program assisting their growth in today’s evolving business environment. The world-class, real-world experienced faculty includes executives, scholars, entrepreneurs, researchers, authors, poets and artists.
Branson Global works along with university, government, corporate, and foundation partners advancing education on a worldwide stage.
Starting salaries average $59,700 working into mid-career median salaries of $123,000.

Surprisingly the better known schools—such as Stanford, Harvard and Brown Universities—fall into place lower down on the list. Taking into consideration the tuition for these bastions of higher education, parents might want to reconsider which school they encourage their children to attend.