Gourmet Food Trucks in LA: Top 10 Tips

Whether you want a quick bite to eat or are a major foodie, food trucks have become popular for many reasons. Hipsters and office workers alike love the chance to support a local business in Los Angeles and enjoy cultural dishes. Busy professionals love buying a lunch that takes just seconds to prepare. To become a food truck connoisseur is quite easy, and all you need to do is find out where these roving trucks are. By checking a food truck’s Twitter feed or googling the truck’s name, you can get instant information on the whereabouts of a truck in your community.

Here are the top 10 food truck tips to get you started in treating your taste buds to a fast and delicious meal in the L.A. area.

1. Pick a type of cuisine to satisfy your taste buds.

Decide which type of food you are after to find a food truck in L.A. Usually, it is not too difficult. Pay attention to whatever irresistible hunger or impulse you are experiencing. Perhaps you have an insatiable appetite to munch on a few tacos, enjoy a cheesy piece of pizza or empanadas stuffed with meat. Maybe you want a gourmet cupcake or some specialty tea. Whatever the craving may be, know that you can likely find a food truck that can provide you with exactly what you want.

2. Use the web to compare prices on food trucks.

If you are on a limited budget, you may care about the price of the food that you purchase. Food trucks may be a great option for you due to the low cost food they have to offer. You should be aware that not all food trucks offer affordable dishes. Gourmet, specialized or themed food trucks may actually charge a pretty penny for the dishes they have to offer. By checking the price range of food trucks ahead of time online, you can avoid a massive disappointment on your lunch hour.

3. Research the top-rated food trucks of L.A.

Before you visit a food truck, you may want to ensure that the food truck has received great reviews. Consumer reviews can indicate whether a food truck has thorough sanitation habits, offers tasty dishes or eliminates grease in its food.

4. Pay attention to any specials offered by a food truck.

When you are ordering a dish from a food truck, you should pay attention to what other people order. A food truck may be renowned for a particular dish, and you can determine this by paying attention to whether food truck goers tend to order a certain dish. You can also check out online reviews to see whether they tend to discuss a particular food item.

5. Make sure you tip food truck operators.

Food truck operators work hard to prepare food for patrons. They may operate a food truck as a non-profit entity and donate proceeds to charities in the community or other good causes. By paying it forward with a tip, you show your good will to a food truck operator and also develop a strong relationship with him or her. The food truck operator may be willing to let you cut a line ahead of time or order via text if you give a great tip.

6. Share your thoughts about a food truck on social media.

Tweeting about a food truck or creating a blog post can have a tremendous impact on the popularity of a food truck. Food truck operators will be incredibly grateful for any positive reviews that you can share about a food truck on the Internet. Even sharing a quick picture on Instagram can quickly boost the patronage of a food truck in L.A.

7. Download the food truck’s schedule ahead of time.

Some food trucks operate by using a consistent schedule. For these food trucks, you can easily make plans to be in the right location at the right time. Other food trucks may operate on a sporadic basis and depend on the “thrill of the chase.”

8. Give in to your dessert cravings.

If you try to diet all the time, you will miss out on the amazing dessert trucks of L.A. Indulge yourself every now and then for a gooey chocolate cookie or gourmet ice cream cone.

9. Enjoy the scene.

Food trucks can attract a diverse group of people. You may meet polished professionals, art lovers, foodies or college kids in town. Be ready to make some great friends and perhaps enjoy some conversation while in line.

10. Get in line as soon as possible.

Make sure that you visit a food truck as soon as you can. Food trucks usually have a limited supply of food. Get in line ahead of time so that you don’t have to fight for leftovers.


Top 30 LA Food Trucks

The Dimsum Truck – Chinese
Lardon – Bacon dishes
Kabob n’ Roll – Mediterranean
Ahn-Joo – Korean
Canter’s Truck – Sandwiches & Snacks
Dosa Truck – South Indian
Vesuvio – Italian
Frysmith – Very interesting fries
Komodo – Tacos
Flying Pig – Pork dishes
Ta Bom – Brazilian
Phamish – Vietnamese
Vizzi – Filipino American fusion
Wao! – Vietnamese
Mandoline Grill – Vietnamese
Jody Maroni’s – Sausages & Hot Dogs
Crepe’n Around – Crepes
Crepes Bonaparte – Crepes
Border Grill – Gourmet tacos
Green Truck – Vegan-friendly
World Fare – Various
Louks – Greek
Kogi BBQ – Korean BBQ
Dumpling Station – Asian American fusion
Tapa Boy – Filipino
Buttermilk Inc. – Breakfast
Barbie’s Q – BBQ
Fishlips Sushi Japanese
India Jones Chow – Indian
Lomo Arigato – Japanese

Sweets! Top 5 Trucks

Sweet E’s – Cupcakes & Cookies
King Kone – Ice cream
Sweets Truck – Cakes & cookies
Del’s – Frozen Lemonade
Big Swirl – Sorbets & treats

If you have a favourite food truck in LA that you would like to have added to our list please do get in touch and we will add them right away.

Now get out there and enjoy your lunchtime!