Orlando’s Top Ten Corporate Retreats

InnerWork Team Expeditions
InnerWork has been providing great corporate retreat options for quite some time now, and they offer the most customizable trip of any in the Orlando area. Your retreat can be shifted and geared toward the exact principles you’re trying to get across through sending your employees to a retreat in the first place. This control over the value of the trip is a big part of why InnerWork is so successful.

Marywood Retreat and Conference Center
This is an interesting place to consider for your corporate retreat, especially if you are a corporation with a faith-based mission statement. The interesting thing about Marywood Retreat and Conference Center is that it allows you to have a relaxing, team-building experience in a beautiful setting that comes with a gentle guidance of religious faith. This may not be the perfect choice for everyone, but it is definitely something to consider.

Yes You Canvas!
This is a unique, arts-based retreat that offers a number of really great team building exercises. They are especially noted for their fun team clay-throwing class. In this class, team members help each other to build clay crafts, and work together to create an overall design. It’s a great way to get your team members to not only work together, but come together to meet unified goals.

Richard Petty Driving Experience
If you have a bunch of speed demons in your corporate offices, this is the place to go. At the Richard Petty Driving Experience, you and your team will have the opportunity to learn amazing driving stunts with the help of a licensed and careful driving instructor. Using a dedicated track, you and your team will be able to practice things like drifting and precision driving, which makes for an exhilarating experience.

Gatorland Theme Park
Gatorland is a unique Florida experience, full of the fun and danger of the remote Florida swamps. The major benefit is that, of course, it’s not in the remote swamps of Florida. This Orlando-based company specializes in getting its visitors up-close and personal with Florida’s most notorious four-legged residents. All of this is done in a very safe environment with the utmost in safety protocols being observed.

ZOOm Adventure Park
This is an interesting take on the corporate retreat. Set in the midst of a beautiful forest near Orlando, this theme park has a number of team building exercises that are designed to help take down fears and phobias. They are known for their amazing extreme rope course and zip lines, making it a very adventurous trip.

Plantation on Crystal River
The Plantation on Crystal River is primarily a golf resort, but there are a lot of activities available for those in your group that aren’t interested in golf. The Plantation is also a fully functioning spa, with restaurants and sleeping quarters enough for your entire corporate staff. This is billed as one of the most relaxing resorts in Orlando, creating a number of opportunities for employees to really get a better understanding of each other.

Adventure Associates Team Pursuit
This is an amazing, dynamic team building exercise that really gives employees a chance to shine. It focuses on problem solving skills that require creative thinking, and it gives you an opportunity to see the strengths and weaknesses of your employees in the full light of day. It is a great amount of fun for everyone involved.

Adventure Associates Performance Challenges
This is a great option for people looking to give their team a chance to grow together. This is one of the most popular team-building exercises in the Orlando area, mostly because of how much fun people have while they’re completing the tasks.

Walt Disney World Resort
No article about corporate retreats in Orlando would be complete without a section on Walt Disney World. This is one of the most famous resorts in all the world, and it offers you and your staff a great many options to both have a good time and learn a thing or two about each other. There are a lot of great package rates available so you can save some money.