Dirty desks can damage your health!

Just because your desk is tidy doesn’t mean it isn’t a health risk, it’s the germs and microorganisms we can’t see with the naked eye that are getting us sick. A study has found that computer keyboards can contain 400 times more bacteria than your average toilet seat, just think about that while you’re typing away! Eating lunch at your desks is a no no, as it spreads particles perfect for bacteria to feast on. And women’s desks are often worse than men’s, as they apply cosmetics at their desks.

With all this bacteria breeding, it should come as no surprise that there has been a huge rise in office germs. Phones are the worst culprit when it comes to germ hotspots in the office, as these are passed around from person to person. And next time you send a fax, remember that bacteria levels on the office fax machine are triple that found on the bathroom door. So clean your desk, keyboard and phone with alcohol wipes, keep an antibacterial gel on your desk, wash your hands regularly, and next time you think about eating lunch at your desk… DON’T.