Keeping your desk organized

If your desk is covered in clutter, you may find it hard to locate important documents, organize your work or just find space to put your coffee mug! An in/out tray can help, plus you will be able to see how your doing on completing projects or correspondence. You need to ensure that your chair is at the correct height for you, and that you PC monitor is also at the correct eye level. A good lamp is also important.

While it is nice to add a few personal touches, such as a framed picture of your child, dog or heart throb, too much can distract you from your work. An army of soft toys or Star Wars figures should really be kept at home. The same with gadgets and gizmos, keep them tasteful and useful. While a toilet shaped sharpener may seem like fun (?), it doesn’t really project a professional image.

A desktop organizer will keep all those pens, scissors, staplers, paperclips etc in their place and easy to find when you need them. So try to keep only what you need to effectively carry out your job on your desk, and perhaps a small memento or photograph.