Getting along in the Office

It’s almost impossible to get along with absolutely everybody you work with. There will always be someone who rubs you the wrong way, who is loud, argumentative or just plain irritating. What you need to remember is that you’re professional, and you can’t let personal problems with other people in the office get in the way of your work. How you deal with your co-workers reflects on you professionally, if your boss has to continually be sorting out -school yard- problems it won’t look good.

Try to avoid confrontations, stay calm when discussing things and never gossip in the office. The water cooler talk may seem like a good way to bond with your co-workers, but remember, if you’re gossiping about others you can be almost certain others are gossiping about you. It’s not professional and doesn’t make for a positive working environment, and depending on what’s said, could even affect your job. So keep your personal life what it is, personal! This goes for Facebook and MySpace postings as well – don’t post anything online about your boss or co-workers that you don’t want getting back to them ’cause you can bet your bottom dollar it will!

If there is a certain person that you find it particularly hard to get along with, try some of these techniques:
If you feel your temper rising, try to cool off before going to talk to them, counting to ten can really help!

Don’t get confrontational, listen to what they have to say, take your time to think of a neutral answer that isn’t going to make things worse.

Try not to get other co-workers involved, unless absolutely necessary. If it is necessary, get a superior or your human resources department involved, so you have backing and a record of the dispute.

Most importantly, stay polite and professional at the office, don’t raise your voice and always remain calm.