The Importance of Taking the Weekend Off

Working too much has the potential to give a person unnecessary anxiety and stress. If you never take time for yourself on the weekends, you run the risk of depression, weight gain, anxiety and even a heart attack. Many industries are beginning to recognize the importance of promoting work-free weekends. A recently published Slate article indicated that even the investment banking industry has instituted work-free weekends for employees due to the manner in which they promote a worker’s health and productivity.

Promoting Productivity in the Office

Those who continuously work and fail to take time off of work are likely to suffer from burn out from their jobs. A two-day weekend gives a worker the chance to get away from his or her office responsibilities and recharge the batteries. After spending a weekend away from work, an employee can feel renewed and refreshed on Monday morning. An employee is able to focus on the task at hand and has increased levels of concentration.

Getting the Exercise You Need

The weekend gives many employees the opportunity to get in a good workout. During the week, some workers may find that it is nearly impossible to get to the gym. The weekend provides an employee with an uninterrupted period of time in which he or she can work out for hours at a time. Those who have to sit for extended periods of time may find that the weekend provides a welcome break from sedentary habits. Sitting for extended periods of time has been linked to serious health issues like heart attacks, death and cancer.

Enjoy Extra Sleep

Those who take the weekends off are able to take advantage of extra hours for sleep time. During the week, some employees find it nearly impossible to get the required seven to nine hours of sleep a night. The weekend provides an excellent time for employees to make up for lost time. The Huffington Post recently published an article that showed the average employee only receives about six hours and 40 minutes of sleep every night. On the weekend, an employee can reset his or her sleep patterns.

Employees should also use the weekend as an opportunity to get away from the laptop. Experts have found that looking at a computer screen can stimulate a person’s brain cells. This may mean that you should forego watching movies on a laptop late at night in order to get the rest that you truly need.

Prevent Heart Problems

By taking time off on the weekend, you will be able to avoid numerous heart issues. If you work 10 or more hours a day, then you may be at a heightened risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease. A research study published in 2010 discovered that an employees working over 10 hours a day faced a 60 percent increased risk of heart disease.

Improve Your Mental Power

Individuals should try to take the weekends off in order to improve mental performance. Those who put in long hours may actually suffer from mental decline. A research study found that working long hours tended to have a negative impact on brain performance for those in their 40s and 50s. If you are concerned about avoiding dementia and other mental diseases, you should try to maintain a work-life balance. You should also try to maintain regular social interactions and enjoy relaxation on the weekends.


While taking time off on the weekends may cause some dedicated employees to feel a surge of guilt, the reality is that it is beneficial to the workplace and their health. Individuals need to take the weekends off in order to regain their energy and ultimately maintain their health.