Office Lunch Etiquette

The main complaint when it comes to office lunches is the disappearance of food from the communal fridge. Now most of us will probably have fallen victim to this ‘lunch fairy’ who takes your lovingly prepared sandwich or salad from the fridge and secretly eats it, leaving nothing but a few crumbs and perhaps some packaging. It seems that no amount of labelling, threatening or note writing will get through to it.

If you didn’t put it in the fridge, it’s not yours! Seems simple, but unfortunately not. Short of getting a CSI in to dust for fingerprints, there doesn’t seem much you can do. I have heard of sandwich bags that come with ‘stains’, to make your lunch look unpalatable to this food thief, or notes left in the fridge saying ‘if you drank this, seek medical help’.

If you order from a sandwich delivery service, make sure to ask around if anyone else would like to add to the order. The same goes for buying office snacks, maybe everyone wants to put in to a collection every week for cookies etc. A fruit basket would be a more healthy option, ask if there is room in the budget, well an apple a day does keep the doctor away.