Office Diet Tips

Office DietSitting at a desk for nine hours a day is detrimental to your figure and it can be very easy to gain excess weight by eating unhealthily or snacking unnecessarily at work. All your willpower will be out the window once someone brings out the chocolates, cookies and potato chips. The hardest part of the day to resist these temptations is around 2pm, when your blood sugar levels have dipped. There are ways to combat the ‘office spread’ and here are some ideas and tips to help you on your way.

1. Eating breakfast before you go to work.

Although you may think that by skipping a meal you will lose weight, this is counter productive. Eating healthily first thing sets your metabolism for the day, and helps you to steer clear unhealthy snacks mid morning when your body craves sustenance.

2. Stay away from the doughnuts, muffin baskets and candy dishes.

Some workplaces have snacks and treats on hand, which although this sounds nice, doesn’t help in the battle of the bulge. You could ask for a fresh fruit basket to be delivered instead of the usual cookies.

3. Walk up the stairs instead of using the lift.

This will help burn calories and tone your body.

4. Drink plenty of water throughout your day.

Not only is drinking 8 glasses of water good for you, you may find that you replace some of your coffee, which can really add the calories once loaded with cream and sugar. Keep a refillable bottle on your desk.

5. Bring a packed lunch.

You will know exactly what is in your sandwich or salad, so no hidden calories. You will also save yourself $$ by doing this. If you just don’t have the time to make a lunch at home, find out where the closest healthy eatery is located. Pizza and hotdogs are a recipe for diet disaster.

6. Healthy snacks.

Keep a small supply of healthy snack foods in your desk drawer for ’emergencies’. Dried fruit, nuts etc.

7. Go for a walk at lunchtime or coffee breaks.

You will feel much better for it, even a short walk is better than sitting at your desk.

8. Keep away from the vending machine.

They usually only stock candy bars and other unhealthy items laden with empty calories.