Office Romances

Dating in the workplace can be a dangerous sport, if all goes well and you end up marrying the person then good for you. It can be much easier to get to know someone at work, you spend so much time together already, you have plenty of common ground and shared interests.

If you end up with a nasty breakup and you still have to see the person sitting across from you everyday then it’s another matter altogether.

One survey says 40% of workers succumb to office romances. You need to be aware of the pitfalls before making the decision, especially if your company has a policy forbidding dating.

At work, you must both remain professional at all times. No sneaking off and canoodling in the copier room or having a domestic argument in front of other members of staff.

If the relationship goes wrong you will have to handle it privately and not let it affect your job. Crying in the wash room, flinging accusations and spreading personal information can be damaging to your career.

I have a male friend who dated his manager and when he broke up with her, all hell broke loose. Having to walk pass her desk everyday and getting snarky comments and pointed looks became too much for him and he ended up looking for a position in another company. Suffice it to say he will not be dating within the office pool again.