US City and State Nicknames & Slogans: from Bizarre to Formal

Whether inspired by famous movies or celebrity quotations, city nicknames and slogans are a fantastic and informative way to introduce your city to a complete stranger. We all know that what happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas, but what about other locations across the States? has compiled a list of city nicknames and slogans to try shed some light over the historic, social, cultural and – sometimes criminal – situation of each and every state, as well as most of the cities.

There are the flavoursome (Hershey, aka Chocolate Capital of the World; Kansas City, aka BBQ Capital of the World), the beautiful (Los Angeles, aka City of Flowers and Sunshine), the scary (Kansas City, aka Killa City; Roswell, aka Alien Capital of the World; Salem, aka The Witch City), the foreign (Ouray, aka Switzerland of America), the odd (Strong, aka Toothpick Capital of the World) the down-to-earth (Plano, aka Play No Games) and the humorous (Telluride, aka To-hell-you-ride).

The list of official and un-official state nicknames and taglines shows how over time certain things started to be associated with particular states, became inseparable and widely used, and in many cases treated as the -state surname-.

If you happen to know of a state motto or a city moniker that we haven’t included in the resource, please get in touch. Your contribution will be greatly appreciated.


Motto: designed to enhance the city’s cultural, historical, economical or social importance.
Moniker: synonymous with a city, usually used alongside the actual city name.
Nickname: a familiar, invented name used instead of the actual city name.
Slogan: a brief sentence or a phrase used to identify the city.
Tagline: a variant of a branding slogan typically used in marketing materials.