How to save money on your office utility bills

When you’re in business, you learn the importance of saving money wherever you can. It’s a matter of stability and fiscal intelligence that cannot be overlooked if a business is to remain solvent. Even the smallest changes can result in huge savings over a long-term stretch of time. Nowhere is this ethic more applicable than the lowering of the utility bills in your office. Just a few small changes can help save your office a lot of money over time.


Any business owner who has performed research on saving money on utilities has heard one term repeatedly: efficiency. Efficiency is one of the most important factors when it comes to saving money on utilities. Efficient appliances use less electricity to produce better results. Efficient windows and insulation allow for lower rates of thermal exchange, saving business owners on heating and cooling.

Business owners should consider hiring an efficiency expert to perform an energy audit on the office. This audit will cover all of the usual energy wasters that can be found in any office around the world. The expert will then be able to provide an actionable list of steps that can be taken to create a more efficient office space.

Use Timers and Sensors

Timers are a great way to circumvent the human failing of forgetfulness. Everyone has walked into an empty bathroom to find a running faucet at some point in their life. Small mistakes like this can end up costing businesses a lot of money in the long run. After all, each of these little instances of forgetfulness compound on each other to create a major dent in the company’s finances.

When timers are used, they remove any chance for someone to forget about a running faucet or light. Timers on faucets will force the faucet to stop spewing water after a designated length of time. Sensors on light switches will turn off lights when no one is in the room. Little changes like this really can have a real and measurable impact over the long term.

Unplug at Night

Many people are unaware of the fact that appliances use electricity even when they are not turned on. This is something called “vampire load.” No matter what it’s called, it is simply a complete waste of electricity that does not need to be used. Thankfully, it is also something that can be very easily done away with.

When employees leave at night, employers should have everyone unplug all appliances. This is true with fans, computers, televisions, printers, or any other device that uses electricity. If employers use power strips, this process becomes much more time efficient. The result will be an office that utilizes no electricity while there is no one in the office. There is no good reason for someone to pay for electricity when no one is even working in the office. Unplugging all electronic devices at the end of the workday will help employers save a respectable amount of money over the year.

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