US City & State Name Misspellings: 10 ways to misspell Fayetteville

Just like there are millions of ways to change a light bulb, apparently there are many ways to misspell the names of cities and states.

We have looked at the most common misspellings and decided to compile a helpful resource, containing over 1000 versions of cities we all love to spell correctly, but oh-so-often fail to do so!

Amazingly, there are ten ways to misspell Fayetteville, involving extensive swapping of the letters, doubling them where necessary, or trimming them down. Even the shortest of the shortest city names are featured in the list, i.e. Lodi in CA is commonly misspelled as Laudy, Lody, Lordy and Lowdy. Inventive!

If you are aware of any more common misspellings for US states or cities please feel free to submit them using this form.