Your First Day

Making a good impression –

Just like starting high school, your first day at a new job can be a bit scary. Will they like me, will I fit in, can I do it? Well, you’re a grown up now, and you got the job, so you can do the job! Remember it’s not a popularity contest, you’re not being judged on whether you’re a cheerleader or a jock, it’s about being professional and doing your job to the best of your ability. Be polite, professional and introduce yourself to your new co-workers, try not to leave anyone out, from the mail boy to the CEO.

Dress appropriately, if you’re not absolutely sure on the dress code, go with caution and dress smartly. If you find that your co-workers go for the more casual look, you can always tone it down. Arriving in jeans on your first day would not make the right impression.

Show you’re a team player by being friendly and co-operative. Don’t immediately start comparing your new job with your old job, if you criticise your old work place, it can look like you’re the problem. If you praise it too highly and start suggesting your new work place should copy some of their practices people might start wishing you went back there. No one likes to be made to feel inadequate. Every work place is different, has different rules and regulations, and you need to learn them.

Everyone gets a bit jumpy when someone new joins the team so take the time to be friendly, maybe bring in donuts for everyone on your first morning or get the first round of drinks after work. Little things like that can go a long way towards breaking the ice.