The Top Ten Businesses to Work for in Texas

Here’s a list of top 10 businesses to work for in Texas.

Balfour Beatty Construction

While this is not an American-owned company, this British company maintains a large workforce in Texas through their national headquarters in Dallas. This company specializes in high-class construction jobs like you would see at opera halls and museums. They even constructed the 9/11 Pentagon memorial. They are praised by their employees for minimizing layoffs during this tough recession hitting the United States.

Whole Foods Market

Whether you work in the stores themselves or in the corporate headquarters in Austin, Whole Foods Market is a popular place to be. New hires get a lot of different benefits straight out of the gate, including people that work in low-level positions in the retail locations. The focus of Whole Foods Market is to promote healthy bodies and communities, and part of that mission means treating employees well.

Camden Property Trust

Camden Property Trust is a Houston-based property management firm that owns properties throughout the United States. During the recession, the company took a few big hits, but weathered everything with fine style through the help of employees. Employees came together to help renegotiate contracts to help stave off layoffs, generating a lot of continued employment opportunities throughout tough times.

Container Store

Container Store is located in Coppell, Texas. This company is on the list for a number of reasons, but the biggest reason is because of the generosity with which they treat their employees. Full time employees get over 260 hours of training in their first year, showing a great deal of investment in the future of their employees. Container Store also compensates its employees generously, with full time clerks making around $44,000 a year.

Mens Wearhouse

This Houston-based retailer of men’s fashions has been around for quite some time now, and they are recognized for their hard work in keeping their employees happy. Aside from the generous compensation package, Mens Wearhouse throws some of the biggest parties in retail throughout its 1,213 retail locations. This helps keep their employees close, and it helps to enhance the ‘family’ atmosphere that so many clients love about Mens Wearhouse.

National Instruments

Headquartered in Austin, this Texas-based manufacturer and retailer of precision measurement equipment is truly one in a million. During the recession, management at National Instruments took a steeper pay cut than lower level employees to help stave off the necessity for layoffs. This shows a lot of class, and shows a genuine appreciation for good workers. As the recession has begun to turn, employees at National Instruments weathered the storm having experienced a minimum of financial struggles.

Shared Technologies

Based out of Irving, Texas, Shared Technologies is a telecommunications company that has a vested interest in the financial stability of its employees. All employees have access to an intensive, 12 week class in financial management that is 100% free for both the employee and their spouse. Shared Technologies also has a very well-developed corporate community.


USAA is a bank that operates out of San Antonio, and they specialize in providing banking services to the United States armed services. They also offer their employees an impressive amount of perks, including running/walking trails extending throughout the massive 31 acre campus, and three state of the art gyms. USAA also provides health care to the domestic partners of their employees, extending the benefits to the families of employees.

The Methodist Hospital System

This is a world-class hospital, with many of their patients coming from out of the country to seek treatment at their first-class facilities. However, the Methodist Hospital System didn’t get there alone. Employees love working here, and the hospital boasts a high level of worker retention, with 17 percent of all employees having worked there for 15 years or more.

TD Industries

TD Industries is a construction company located in Dallas, and there are a few things that make them different from other construction companies. First of all, they don’t lay off their employees in the off season. Employees stay on as full time employees throughout the year. This allows them to not only easily retain their seniority, but it also means that they can take advantage of their benefits throughout the year.